ATHENS — An off-duty Columbia County 911 dispatcher and three employees at Peckham Industries in Athens are being credited with saving the life of a co-worker after the man experienced a medical emergency on the job.

The man was displaying symptoms of a heart-related emergency while unloading a tanker at Peckham’s PARCO terminal, Peckham officials said.

The dispatcher, Robyn Sweet, and Peckham employees Scott Pooters, Joe Sisto and Ahron Young worked together to save the man’s life.

Sweet was off-duty when a friend of hers collapsed. She immediately called 911 from her cell phone. Sweet’s call connected with a cell phone tower in Columbia County, which was answered by her colleagues at Columbia County 911, said Kevin Johnson, Columbia County 911 chief dispatcher.

The Columbia County dispatcher quickly transferred Sweet to Greene County 911, where her call was processed and paramedics were dispatched.

Sisto and Sweet performed chest compressions on the man as they waited for EMS to arrive, Johnson said.

Pooters used one of the on-site automated external defibrillators on the victim and administered a shock, based on instructions from the device, Peckham officials said.

Their efforts revived the man twice before paramedics arrived at the facility, officials said.

Greene County Paramedics and Catskill Ambulance arrived on the scene quickly and brought the man to Albany Medical Center, Johnson said.

The man underwent surgery and has since been released from the hospital. He is currently at home, recovering, officials said.

“911 dispatchers save lives all the time over the phone, and as this story proves, they even get a chance to save lives out in the field now and then,” Johnson said. ”Her training just kicked in and she went to work,” Johnson said.

Peckham Vice President Bob Yaremko, said “We all should be so proud of the actions taken by Scott, Joe and others in Athens to save a life,” Peckham Vice President said. “It is an incredible outcome due to the training we have done for decades with employees and AED units we have throughout the company.”

Sweet acknowledged the work of Greene County 911, the EMS crews who responded, her friends at Columbia 911 and the Peckham employees who helped in this CPR save, Johnson said.

Sweet was honored in April for her role in saving the life of another man who was having a heart attack.

On March 4, 2021, Sweet answered a 911 call that involved a 62-year-old Chatham man who collapsed and was not breathing. Sweet worked quickly to enter the call into the computer-aided dispatch system and accessed the cardiac arrest chief complaint protocol to give the caller CPR instructions.

Sweet asked the caller if an Automated External Defibrillator was available and there was. She advised the caller to immediately retrieve the AED and then provided instructions on how to apply and use the device. Sweet remained on the phone with the caller to coach him through CPR and to gather additional information and updates for responders. The man was ultimately taken to a local hospital and survived.

Sweet was presented with her awards in April, from the American Legion during the quarterly meeting of the Columbia County Volunteer Firefighters Association, which was held at the Philmont Firehouse.

Sweet has served as a 911 dispatcher for 13 years. She was hired in 2008.

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