Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft (left) and Gov. Mike Parson (Post-Dispatch file photos)

JEFFERSON CITY — Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft expressed disappointment on Tuesday after a Monday deadline to place Missouri House special elections on the April ballot passed without any action from Gov. Mike Parson.

Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft last week called on Parson to file writs of election to fill several vacancies, saying paperwork needed to be filed by Monday for the contests to appear on the April 5 municipal election ballot.

“Secretary Ashcroft is disappointed the governor has not issued writs of election as he feels all Missourians should be represented fairly and equally,” JoDonn Chaney, spokesman for Ashcroft, said in an email. “As well, Missouri Statute calls for the governor to call for special elections to fill vacancies.”

There are currently six vacancies in the Missouri House. Ashcroft said that without a special election, the six affected districts would go without representation until January 2023.

On Tuesday, Kelli Jones, spokeswoman for Parson, said in a text message: “Gov. Parson has not announced a special election.”

Jones hasn’t responded to questions since Friday about the governor’s rationale.

Chaney said Tuesday Ashcroft’s office received no formal response to a letter the elections chief sent Parson regarding the vacancies.

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