Two Tip-a-Cop events on tap Thursday

After a year-long delay, People Helping Paws Cat Rescue expects to open Baristocats Cat Cafe in Jefferson City in the spring.Rescue Director Sheila Martens said she hopes to open the cat cafe in late April or early May. She had originally hoped for it to open in May 2021, but several factors caused a delay.Once the People Helping Paws Cat Rescue volunteers started the remodeling, they realized more work was needed to align with current codes than originally expected. At the same time, the cost of lumber and building supplies had increased significantly. The pandemic also made it hard to have many people working inside the building at once, and finding contractors was difficult.”Everyone was short-staffed, therefore timelines were months behind,” Martens said.They hired a general contractor, plumber, electrician and HVAC technician, and are completing everything else with volunteer labor as they collect donations to purchase building materials.”Since we are all volunteers, we have to work our regular jobs, which limits our time to work at the cafe,” Martens said.Baristocats, located at 702 E. McCarty St. next to Premium Pets, will serve coffee and pastries and include a cat lounge with a separate entrance where customers can hang out with the cats while they enjoy their coffee and pastries. Cats will alternate between living at their foster home and staying at the cafe for several days, and all cats at the cafe will be available for adoption.If you’re interested in volunteering or donating to Baristocats, message the Baristocats Cat Cafe Facebook page.Know of any business happenings around Jefferson City? Let us know at [email protected] or 573-761-0243.

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