Columbia is forecast to get blanketed with between 2 to 5 inches of snow Friday night into Saturday, according to the National Weather Service.

Chance of precipitation during that time frame is 100%, per the NWS.

Rain is expected to start by 9 p.m. Friday before turning into a mix of rain and snow shortly after. The end of snowfall is expected around 1 p.m. Saturday and could reach upwards of 6 inches in other parts of the state.

“This snow event is pretty normal for central Missouri,” said Alex Elmore, meteorologist with the NWS. “This isn’t anything too anomalous.”

Icy conditions aren’t expected despite the potential for rain Friday night before the transition to snow, he said.

The overnight low from Friday to Saturday is around 27 degrees.

“When we determine the type of precipitation that is going to fall, not only do we look at temperatures near the surface, but we also look at them throughout the depths of the atmosphere,” he said. “Once it makes the transition from rain to snow, that’s all we’re expecting. The temperature profile is not conducive for freezing rain or sleet.”

It is too early to tell when the next snowfall could occur, but next week is expected to be “fairly calm” with cold but dry conditions, Elmore said.

“Beyond this weekend, we don’t really see anything on the horizon,” he said. 

Snow storms with greater accumulations typically originate in the south, Elmore said. The snow Columbia is expecting will come from the northwest and is expected to yield higher-than-average accumulations for weather originating in Canada, he added.

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