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The big picture: Dr. Shelandra Bell says: “Yes, you can take dietary steps to reduce the risks of dementia.”In the news: New research is showing that a mixture of Mediterranean and DASH diets may lower the risk of getting dementia in the future.
The DASH and Mediterranean diets have been linked to improved heart and brain health outcomes. This new research combined the best of the two and found that eating a diet that’s rich in plant-based foods and a diet that limits animal-based foods and high saturated fats could lead to a lower risk of dementia.The researchers noted that despite the encouraging results of mixing the two diets, more research is needed to determine if there is a true link between a MIND diet and dementia risks.What’s next: After reading this article you should know that scientists continue to look for natural ways to prevent and reduce the risks of dementia.You should know that you can start taking evidence-based steps today to reduce your overall risk for dementia.Did you know that almost 2517.0 peopled died in Missouri from dementia in 2021?The Health Standard NewswireDoctor’s Expert Insights about Lowering Risks of DementiaKnow this: “I can confidently say that reducing dementia risks rely on a multifaceted approach. Some of the scientifically proven ways to lower the risk of dementia include regular physical exercise, keeping your mind stimulated, and remaining social. Also, keep your cholesterol levels low and consume a balanced diet that’s not processed and has low saturated fats. A comprehensive healthy lifestyle is the key to promoting brain health and preventing cognitive decline as we age. Stay strong, go workout, learn new skills!” Dr. Puja Uppal, Family Medicine.Next steps: Ask your doctor for a lipid panel test. Keeping your cholesterol levels low is a proven way to reduce the risks of dementia.Keep an eye on your Cholesterol in Missouri. 29.7% of adults living in Cole County have high cholesterol.Living in Jefferson City, the following dementia and brain health facts impact you directly!Did you know that 8.9% of the adults living in Cole County have diabetes?28.8% of the adults living in Cole County have high blood pressure.
17.1% of the adults living in Cole County smoke?Projected Number of People Age 65 and Older in the U.S. Population with Alzheimer’s Dementia, 2010 to 2050.”The MIND diet may potentially reduce dementia risk, but further investigations are needed in different populations.” (Primary Article)”Results suggest that adherence to the MIND diet was associated with lower risk of incident dementia in middle-aged and older adults.” (Ibid.)”Better adherence to the MIND diet is associated with a decreased risk of dementia within the first years of follow-up, but this may in part be explained by reverse causality and residual confounding by lifestyle. Further research is needed to unravel to which extent the MIND diet may affect the risk of dementia.” (Second Study)An active mind & an active brain lead to better outcomes.JAMA Psychiatry published the findings: Association of the Mediterranean Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension Intervention for Neurodegenerative Delay (MIND) Diet With the Risk of Dementia (Read it Here)Dementia Facts & Stats for Jefferson City: (CDC)145% jump in Alzheimer’s disease deaths over the past 22 years.Alabama has the highest death rate of Alzheimer’s disease in the nation.The Health Standard Newswire

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