HERRIN (WSIL)—Herrin House of Hope’s food pantry is not the first place many would go for baby formula, but for Courtney Dotson, she was running out of options.

“Right now at the moment, when you go to Walmart, there’s hardly any formula on the shelves. Period. And then when it is, it’s really expensive. I’m irritated. Babies, can’t, you can’t feed babies. When it’s not your baby, you can’t breastfeed it so you need the formula. They can’t eat anything else. They need the formula,” Dotson said. 

The Director of Herrin House of Hope, John Steve, explained the situation with formula is getting worse.

“We were having a nice stash until the shortage came along. We’re still trying to best assist the folks in need in our community, but right now we’re struggling,” he said.

The policy of House of Hope was one container of formula per person, but even as the interview took place, the formula situation changed.

House of Hope no longer had formula.

“We did have a few formulas on hand to be able to help people in need, but in those short few minutes, we’re already out,” Steve said. 

This scenario is not uncommon.

WIC offices in both Cape Girardeau and Paducah are experiencing similar stories, with parents calling with the same worries.

“How can we find formula? We haven’t been able to find any on the shelves. I really feel for them but there’s really nothing we can do since it’s a manufacturing issue,” said the WIC Coordinator for Cape Girardeau Public Health, Christy Sprengel. 

“We’ve been fielding calls from parents who are concerned, who are scared, and we’re trying to help them along the way,” added Lorie Brown, the WIC Coordinator for Purchase Health Department in Paducah. 

But as time ticks by, the need for formula just continues to grow.

“The shelves are much, much more bare than they have been. Up until this week, it has been much different,” Brown said.

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