Jefferson City residents hurt in I-70 crash

Ed WilliamsJefferson CityDear Editor:According to KRCG-TV13 online, Columbia will see a $1.52 million meat plant built that will add 251 jobs. The current economic development authority in Jefferson City announced in your Chamber Today supplement said they were emphasizing bringing meat processors to Jefferson City. We should be told why this did not come to Jefferson City.I wish economic development had news reports similar to
basketball tournaments. Maybe we would know whether JC was being considered. If not, why not? Was JC one of the last finalists? What could we do to make Jefferson City more attractive to employers? Why did the jobs not come here? The majority of the incentives go to companies already located in Jefferson City. Why would property taxes be abated for companies already located here? Businesses like the Capital Mall and Jefferson City Medical Group are not going to move elsewhere.Current economic development has devolved into a special interest group lobby. Citizens pay property taxes to furnish police and fire protection and schools to businesses that should pay their fair share of taxes. If they cannot afford to pay their taxes, they should not be in business. Most of the businesses whose taxes were abated would probably have expanded the same without the tax abatement. Removing their property taxes is just additional profit.Advocates for tax increases should state why so many businesses located in Jefferson City do not pay their full share of taxes while citizens see a constant demand for increased taxes. The cause for the tax increases may be good, but local governments are taking advantage of citizens acting to shield businesses from paying their fair share. If tax increases are voted down, maybe local government will get the message that everyone should pay their fair share and not allow businesses to sponge off tax money.

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