Columbia Mayor Kevin Hutchinson was tried in federal court Wednesday for making a false testimony to investigators in connection with his insurance business with the city.

February 24th Filing in the US District Court For the southern Illinois district of East St. Louis, Hutchinson, as Columbia Mayor and licensed insurance agent who owned a related company called BMC Associates, “received referral commissions from the insurance contracts the City of Columbia made with MRCT and Illinois Counties Risk Management Trust. “

Columbia provides employee health coverage and has separate property / casualty insurance.

MRCT, the fourth largest service company in St. Louis, provides comprehensive employee benefits, financial products, and recruitment

According to court records, the Illinois Public Officer Prohibited Activities Act prohibited Hutchinson from having any direct or indirect financial interest in any contract, work, or business dealings in the city.

Hutchinson’s annual declaration of economic interest, filed with the Monroe County’s office on June 28, 2018, was incorrect in that it failed to mention that he had a personal financial interest in a town business.

The Metro-East Public Corruption Task Force, made up of agents from the FBI, the IRS, and the Illinois State Police, opened an investigation into Hutchinson to see if he had broken federal law after learning it City employees had received referral commissions for insurance policies for health insurance.

Hutchinson, who announced last summer that he would not seek another term as mayor in 2021, is formally charged with making false statements to the Corruption Task Force.

On March 20, 2019, Hutchinson allegedly informed agents that his only interest in MRCT’s contract with the city was in his official capacity as mayor.

The City of Columbia issued a press release Thursday afternoon learning of Hutchinson’s charges.

“Columbia City Council is dedicated to the citizens of the City of Columbia and will not allow this to interfere with their service to residents,” the statement said. “The city has worked with the investigation at all times and will continue to work with it.”

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