Missouri groups look for the strongest abortion rights ballot measure that voters would back | State News

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The fight over the Missouri abortion ban begins with language.

Eager to once again legalize the procedure in the state after a U.S. Supreme Court ruling last year made way for the Missouri General Assembly to ban it, abortion-rights supporters have been floating 11 versions of a petition to ask voters for a change in November 2024.

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kAmpE E96 D2>6 E:>6[ 23@CE:@? @AA@?6?ED D2J E96 =2?8F286 A2:?ED E9:?8D H:E9 3C@25 DEC@<6D] x?8C:5 sFC2?[ E96 DE2E6 =68:D=2E:G6 5:C64E@C 2E E96 }2E:@?2= #:89E E@ {:76 r@>>:EE66[ D2:5 D96 C625D E96 A6E:E:@?D 2D Q:?E6?E:@?2==J G28F6]Qk^Am

kAm(9:=6 D@>6 @7 |:DD@FC:’D G6CD:@?D 567:?6 E9:?8D =:<6 Q76E2= G:23:=:EJQ @C Q8@G6C?>6?E[Q sFC2? D2:5 D96 E9:?6 6DD6?E:2= 6IA=2?2E:@?D H6C6 =67E @FE @7 E96 4@?G6CD2E:@?[ =:<6 E96 >6?E:@? @7 QC6DA64E7F= 3:CE9:?8 4@?5:E:@?D]Qk^Am

kAmQ(92E E96 “ AC@A@D2=D 2C6 ECJ:?8 E@ 5@ πŸ˜€ ;FDE ECJ:?8 E@ 86E 2== @7 E96 762C>@?86C:?8 2?5 4@?46C?D E92E 92AA6?65 A@DEs@33D H:E9 @?6 3C@25 DEC@<6[Q sFC2? D2:5] QxE D2JD C6DA64E7F= 3:CE9:?8 4@?5:E:@?D 2?5 x H2D =:<6[ V(92E 5@6D E92E >62?n (92E πŸ˜€ C6DA64E7F= 3:CE9:?8n #6DA64E7F= E@ H9@>nVQk^Am

kAm%96 962C:?8 @G6C DF>>2CJ =2?8F286 πŸ˜€ D6E 7@C $6AE] “[ 3FE r@=6 r@F?EJ r:C4F:E yF586 y@? q66E6>[ H9@ πŸ˜€ 962C:?8 E96 42D6[ D2:5 E9@D6 :?G@=G65 D9@F=5 36 AC6A2C65 7@C 2? 2AA62= @? 9:D 564:D:@?]k^Am

kAmk6>m%9:D 2CE:4=6 7:CDE 2AA62C65 @? %96 q624@? 2?5 πŸ˜€ C6AF3=:D965 96C6 F?56C 2 rC62E:G6 r@>>@?D =:46?D6]k^6>mk^Am

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