Three-year-old Evie Mae Hummer was one of hundreds carrying a homemade sign Monday evening during a pro-choice protest at Park Central Square. Her sign, which read “the future is female,” included an array of purple marker squiggles.

In protest of the Supreme Court of the United States’ decision to overturn Roe v. Wade in late June, people of all ages met at the square around 5 p.m.

Several spoke, including U.S. Senate candidate Spencer Toder, Me Too Springfield Missouri President Casadi Mazurkiewicz and Party for Socialism and Liberation organizer Lucy Mayfield. Others took to the stage to share their personal experiences with abortion.

“I stand here today to be a voice for the voiceless, as a woman who is suffering amongst you in a world when on June 24, women became a second-class citizen,” Mazurkiewicz said to the crowd. “We aren’t going back to a time before Roe v. Wade. We’re going back to a time much worse. It’s no longer the access that’s being banned, it’s also a crime. I stand for her, I stand for you, I stand for them and I stand for Springfield.”

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While the majority of those in attendance were protesting against anti-abortion laws, there were a few counter protesters. One man carrying an Abolish Human Abortion sign was crowded around, before eventually leaving the area. Abolish Human Abortion is a national anti-abortion group.

Springfield resident Lillian Hannah, 23, was one who confronted the counter protesters, upset by their presence.

“It brings comfort knowing that people who think the same way are not giving up, they’re fighting for what is right,” Hannah said. “I hope that this is an eye opener for everybody that we can all be together, come together as one and not give up because that’s the only way we can stop this.”

Following the protest, the Party for Socialism and Liberation held a march along East St. Louis Street from the Square to the federal courthouse, similar to the one held on Friday, June 24.

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As protesters marched with signs high above their heads, chants of “abortion is health care” rang through downtown Springfield.

“Political and legal strategy, of course, goes hand in hand with … direct aid organizations to make medical abortion and surgical abortion available to all who need an abortion by mailing pills and providing transportation to abortion-supporter states,” PSL organizer Seth Goodwin said on the front steps of the courthouse. “The PSL salutes all of these efforts and will continue to support them.”

Throughout the protest and march, folks were reminded to register to vote in Greene County to make their voices heard. The deadline to register to vote for Missouri’s primary election in August is Wednesday at 5 p.m.

To register in Missouri:

  • Register online on the Secretary of State’s website at or on your county clerk’s website.
  • Register in person by visiting your county clerk’s office.
  • Fill out, print and mail a copy of the Missouri Voter Registration Application to your county clerk’s office.

Greta Cross is the trending topics reporter for the Springfield News-Leader. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram @gretacrossphoto. Story idea? Email her at

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