Summer heat AND humidity surged into the area today compliments of the passage of a warm front this morning. This is just the beginning of a week of summer temperatures that will challenge record highs on a daily basis.

For tonight, we’ll find starry skies and balmy breezes. Temperatures in most areas won’t drop below 70°, putting record-high lows in jeopardy. Springfield’s record-high low is 70° set in 2011.

The hot pattern is just getting started with temperatures climbing into the upper 80s to around 90° across the Ozarks Tuesday afternoon. Heat indices will once again climb into the mid-90s thanks to high levels of humidity. Winds will remain gusty, but noticeably lower than the past couple of days.

The quiet, hot scenario is thanks to a stagnant pattern that features an upper-level ridge of high pressure parked over the area. This will keep the area’s forecast in repeat mode until the ridge begins to break down Thursday into Friday. This also means days of record challenging heat with record highs threatened every day through Friday. There’s a really good chance that most of the area will hit 90° during this heat wave. This is an early outbreak of 90° heat with 90° highs usually not showing up until the second week of June.


By Friday, showers and thunderstorms are expected to break out in the afternoon heat and humidity with another episode of scattered showers and storms Saturday as a cold front moves through the region. At this stage, there isn’t a signal for a widespread severe weather risk. There could be a few stronger storms, “pulse” thunderstorms, that could generate locally strong winds.

The heat will ease heading through Friday into Saturday thanks to more cloud cover and rain.

A cold front will clear the area by Sunday morning with a mild and sunny finish to the weekend.

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