KANSAS CITY, Kan. – A longtime resident of Kansas City, Kansas wrote a book about the city of Quindaro to make sure the history of the area is not lost.

Karen French is the author of Quindaro Township 1855-1943 – All Together Now.

French said she was fascinated by the history of the KCK neighborhood.

“Quindaro was really built in a year. I mean, we’re talking about big hotels, houses, shops, commercial properties and banks,” said French.

According to the Kansas City, Kansas, Library, abolitionists lived on the premises. The area was also part of the subway and helped enslaved people escape to freedom.

French stated that she wrote the book to make sure that an important part of black and American history would not be lost.

“My book is very culturally diverse. I include everyone, and that’s why people of all races and cultures came together under the subtitle” All together now “to build a free port city in Quindaro,” said French.

French called her book creative non-fiction. Along with works of art, the book tells of Quindaro’s existence over a period of 88 years and the local, national and global events that had an impact.

The longtime KCK resident hopes her attempt to document often forgotten history will have a lasting impact on her readers.

“Self-education. Knowing yourself helps you find a path to go on,” said French.

French said her book was complete and she was trying to get it published. She hopes to have this process completed by the end of 2021.

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