SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – It can be difficult to find podcasts that interest you. Ozarksfirst did some research to find the top podcasts in different genres that are produced locally. Here is a list of a few local podcasts that might be your new favorite.

The American Dream

A podcast focusing on immigrants that have moved to the Ozarks and their view of the culture and the American Dream. Host Ekaterina Kozlova “Katie from Russia” just finished up her second season expanding from just Europeans to worldwide guests.

Average duration: 20 minutes

You can find this podcast on Soundcloud and Spotify.

Radio Springfood

A podcast that focuses on restaurants in the Ozarks. Guests, reviews, and even a little history can be found in each episode. Hosts Dan and Andy have recently changed the Radio Springfood format to talk more about music.

Average duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes

You can find this podcast on Apple Podcasts and Google

The Toll

The Toll focuses on the impact a violent crime has on a family and community. Host, award-winning journalist Nancy Simpson, interviews investigators and family members, taking the listener on a journey of tragedies.

Duration: 30 mins – 1 hour

You can find this podcast on Spotify.

The Mixed Six Podcast

Ozark’s Walter Barton: A look back at the first execution of the pandemic

The Mixed Six Podcast features lively discussions about board games, popular culture, and beer. Each episode includes 6 segments, and each segment reviews a new beer.

Duration: 1 hour 30 mins

You can find this podcast on Apple and Google Podcasts.

Pretending to be People

Pretending to be People is a weekly comedy podcast where they use improvisation and dice to tell a thrilling and spooky tale about humans faced with unnatural threats. It’s like D&D, but they play in the modern world (like Stranger Things or The X-Files) instead of a fantasy setting (like Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones).

Duration: 1 hour

You can listen to this podcast on Google and Apple Podcasts.

90 Ideas

A podcast from the Springfield Business Journal where speakers from the Springfield area share their best ideas that can be immediately implemented to improve your business.

Duration: 1 hour

You can listen to this podcast on Apple podcasts.


Ozarksfirst has a couple of award-winning podcasts, we just had to include:

Ozarks First Daybreak

Listen to headlines and stories of the day with both local and national coverage on this daily podcast. A perfect listen for your drive to work.

Duration: 10 minutes

You can listen to this podcast on Spotify.

Crime Traveler

Ozarksfirst’s true crime podcast and winner of the Missouri Broadcasters Association’s 2022 TV Podcast award, Crime Traveler is a look back at the criminal acts in the Ozarks and the news investigations that followed them.

Duration: 20-45 mins

You can listen to the podcast on Apple podcasts and a video podcast on Youtube.

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